The egg of the dragonfly

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It is mentioned about 91 species of eggs which I observed by now.@Contents of mention are a photograph, sizes of egg, durations of egg and others. The photograph of the page of the egg can compare size because it is the completely same magnifying power.

These observation records were done in the inside. Therefore temperature and the condition of the light are very different from the outside of the field. The size of the egg was measured by the micro-meter of the unit 0.1mm. The size of the egg is the average of some eggs. The durations of egg was computed in the days from the day when it laid eggs until the hatching day. But, it seems to vary often according to temperature (water temperature and temperature) greatly in the durations of egg. The shortest duration is the day when it hatched first. Average duration is the day when half hatched.

Most pictures were taken with a digital still camera after 2000 years.

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