The egg of Petaluridae

A final renewal day is September 20, 2003.

  One species of Tanypteryx pryeri of Tanypteryx inhabits Japan.

How to obtaining eggs : A hole is made in the soil that the slope which water of a small quantity just always worked to became wet, and the larva of Tanypteryx pryeri lives.. Or, it lives under moss. A female comes to such a place for laying. Many eggs are in the soil. The soil of the place where a female laid eggs is collected. After that, water is added to that soil, and an egg is found.

1.  Tanypteryx pryeri (Selys)

Size:  Just before hatching; head diameter 1.24mm, a short diameter; 0.55mm. Duration of egg : The shortest duration; 28days. Average duration; 29days.

Figure6-1: After laying, the 24th day

Figure6-2: Hatching