Hatching of Ceriagrion melanurum

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 Egg of Ceriagrion melanurum          

Ceriagrion melanurum


1:Situation of the egg of 40 minutes before that the prolarva comes out from the egg 2:Situation of the egg before about 4 minutes that the prolarva comes out from the egg. Cap of exochorion sometimes shines to orange  3:Prolarva begins to appear from the egg  4:Prolarva 5,6,7,8:First instar larva appears from the prolarva 9:First instar larva   10:There is not a protrusion like the horn in the head of Ceriagrion melanurum.    The states of the hatching of the species of most of the Coenagrionidae are similar as Ceriagrion melanurum.