Egg-parasitoids wasp of Aeshna nigroflava

The final renewal day of this page is June 26, 2004. 

The flight period is October from July.  Aeshna nigroflava is inhabiting in Kinki area usually.Up to now I confirmed 2 species of egg-parasitoids wasps from Aeshna nigroflava. Those are the egg-parasitoids wasp that belongs to Eulophidae and Scelionidae.

eigure5-1: 1.Oviposition of Aeshna nigroflava. 2. The inhabiting environment of Aeshna nigroflava.

eigure5-2: This wasps are Eulophidae.The larva of this egg-parasitoid wasp grows in an egg. The larva comes out from the egg of a host. After that it becomes a pupa.(The magnifying power of this image is half of Figure 5-3.)

eigure5-3: Size  : body length 1.29mm.@: body length 1.39mm.


eigure5-4:Wasp of Scelionidae@1: April 8, 2004 @2: April 19, 2004  3: May 1, 2004@@Most of the pupae are turning the head to a posterior poleD

eigure5-5: Scelionidae   :body length 1.35mm. : body length 1.65mm.