Egg-parasitoids wasp of Boyeria maclachlani

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The fright period is a September end from the end of June.   The larva of Boyeria maclachlani is inhabiting in small flow and, river.  I am confirming 2 species of egg-parasitoids wasps from Boyeria maclachlani up to now.  These 2 kinds of egg-parasitoids wasps are belonging to Eulophidae and Scelionidae. 

Figure20-1: 1.Oviposition of Aeshna nigroflava. 2. The inhabiting environment of Aeshna nigroflava.

Figure20-1 Oviposition of Boyeria maclachlani

Figure20-2 Inhabitant environment of Boyeria maclachlani  
Figure20-3 Eggs of Boyeria maclachlani that Eulophidae was parasitic     December 19, 2004  


Figure20-4 Eggs of Boyeria maclachlani that were taken out from the tree that rotted    1The larva of Scelionidae is included into this egg.  2The larva of Eulophidae is included into this egg.  3This egg is the egg of Boyeria maclachlani. The embryo is growing up smoothly. November 27, 2004  
Figure20-5 Larva of Eulophidae   The larva of Eulophidae comes out from the egg of the host and become a pupa.  December 3, 2004
Figure20-6 Pupa of the male of Eulophidae   Larva that became a pupa  December 19, 2004  
Figure20-7 Pupa of the female of Eulophidae   December 19, 2004


Figure20-8  Male of Eulophidae before emergence  January 1, 2005   Figure20-9  Male of Eulophidae  January 15, 2005   Male: body length 1.32mm. Figure20-10  Pupa of the female of Eulophidae   January 4, 2005   Figure20-11 Female of Eulophidae   January 6, 2005 Female: body length 1.63mm.


Figure20-12 Pupa of Scelionidae  April 21, 2005   The larva of Scelionidae becomes a pupa in the egg of the host. 
Figure20-13 Female of Scelionidae   Female: body length 1.57mm.  April 29, 2005