Egg-parasitoids wasp of a water strider 2  (This is not a dragonfly.)

The final renewal day of this page is March 24, 2004.

Figure10-1Larva that hatched and the egg of the water strider of a host
The water strider of the host looks like the species that inhabits in the running water area. This egg was adhering on the surface of the tree that soaked it in water. I collected those eggs on February 6, 2004.  (Figure 9-1 has been cut down in 1/2.)

Day when took the photograph  1: February 13, 2004.  2: March 6, 2004.  3: March 12, 2004.  4,5,6: March 15, 2004.

Figure10-2Situation of the change of the wasp in the water strider egg    1:The larva of the wasp was working intensively in the egg. February 17, 2004.   2:The compound eyes of the egg-parasitoids wasp were red. March 4, 2004.   3:The egg-parasitoids wasp became black. March 15, 2004.

Figure10-3 1:Shell of the egg of the host that the egg-parasitoids wasp came out. A round hole is made because an egg-parasitoids wasp bites off the shell of the egg . 2,3:The egg-parasitoids wasps of the water strider Size: body length 1.20mm. Because the egg-parasitoids wasp continues to walk the shooting is difficult. March 17, 2004.