Egg-parasitoids wasp of Indolestes peregrinus

The final renewal day of this page is June 26, 2004. 

Adults emerge from mid-July to September then hibernate. Oviposition occurs from April to June. We can see Indolestes peregrinus usually with the swamp, ponds, ditch of a mountainous region from the plain in Kinki area. I confirmed Mymaridae 1 species in 2004. 


eigure11-1:  @1.Oviposition of Indolestes peregrinus . 2. The inhabiting environment of Indolestes peregrinus .

eigure11-2: Several eggs of Indolestes peregrinus in a plant

eigure11-3: Mymaridae  1: June 20, 2004  2: June 21, 2004   3: June 22, 2004   It was the morning on June 24, 2004 that this wasp appeared from the egg of a host.

eigure11-4: As an egg-parasitoids wasp appears from the egg of a host  

eigure11-5: @Size :0.57mmD:0.76mmD This egg-parasitoids wasp resembles in the egg-parasitoids wasp that is parasitic on Epiophlebia superstes and Lestes temporalis. However, the body length of this wasp is small.