Egg-parasitoids wasps of Planaeschna milnei

The final renewal day of this page is June 26, 2004. 

The larva of Planaeschna milnei is inhabiting to the mountain stream in the forest of a low mountainous region. The flight period is the end of October from the end of June. Female lays eggs to the soft died tree near a flow. I confirmed the egg-parasitoids wasps of 2 species (Eulophidae and Scelionidae) until now.

Figure12-1:1.Oviposition of Planaeschna milnei . 2. The inhabiting environment of Planaeschna milnei .


Figure12-2:Several eggs of Planaeschna milnei  There is the egg that the egg-parasitoids wasp (Eulophidae) is included. (A white arrow)  Reduction in 1/2 of standard size

Figure12-3:Eulophidae Reduction in 1/2 of standard size

Figure12-4:Eulophidae Size  ♂: body length 1.3mm. ♀: body length 1.9mm. The back of the male is yellow. The ovipositor of the female is long.  (Standard size)

Figure12-5:Scelionidae 1: April 26, 2004  2: May 12, 2004   3: May 22, 2004 I collected this egg on December 4, 2003. It was May 26, 2004 that the wasp appeared from the egg.

Figure12-6: Scelionidae  Size ♀:body length 1.58mm  Scelionidae that appeared from the egg of Planaeschna milnei this year was all the females.