Platycnemis foliacea sasakii Asahina

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Dragonfly of Kinki area of Japan

Platycnemis foliacea sasakii is Vulnerable with the listing of the species of the wildlife that has the fear of extinction. Platycnemis foliacea sasakii is few in eastern Japan. However, Platycnemis foliacea sasakii is comparatively many in Western Japan; there is the area where it is seen numerously. This dragonfly inhabits in the river where a plant grows a lot in Hyogo Pref. Also, this dragonfly inhabits in the waterway that a plant grows. The flight period is a July end from the end of May.

Male of Platycnemis foliacea sasakii There is ' sumo' referee's fan form white part in the middle leg, hind leg of a male.
Emaergence of the male of Platycnemis foliacea sasakii Exuvia Caudal gill smaller than Copera annulata although it is big


Platycnemis foliacea sasakii lays eggs to the stalk, the leafstalk of the plant of underwater


State of the change of an egg An egg period differs with water temperature. The average egg period is 16 days from 11 days.  1The 2nd day after oviposition  2The 6th day after oviposition  3The 8th day after oviposition  4The 9th day after oviposition  5The 13th day after oviposition 
Hatching    From several hours before a prolarva appears from an egg the anterior part of an egg begins to grow.  A prolarva appears from the egg, after the anterior part of the egg grew.  And a first instar larva appears from the prolarva. 1Ten minutes before the prolarva appears  23Prolarva appears to the anterior part of the egg  4Prolarva comes out from the egg 5Prolarva
6Back of the thorax of the prolarva swells out  789First instar larva appears from the prolarva


First instar larva    The first instar larva of Platycnemis foliacea sasakii is colorful and have the small protrusion with roundness to the head.   Size  Length:1.22 mm Head width :0.35 mm Length of the antenna :0.38 mm Length of the lateral gill :0.93 mm