Anaciaeschna martini

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Breeding method of the imago of a dragonfly

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Male of Anaciaeschna martini     Male of Anaciaeschna martini which is alive has blue compound eyes. (I collected this male in 1995.)

Female of Anaciaeschna martini The female of Anaciaeschna martini which is alive has green compound eyes. As for the female of Anaciaeschna martini the wing is darker compared with other Aeshnidae.

I collected this female in 1991.


State of the breeding of the male of Anaciaeschna martini   I inserted the larvae that emerged to the container and bred. I expected the changes of the color of the body of these dragonflies. However, color of the body changed more slowly than I thought.
Males which are halting on cloth Male of the 13th day after emergence Compound eyes are blue.