Breeding method of the imago of a dragonfly

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Anaciaeschna martini

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I made the breeding container with thin cloth. I attached a fastener to the container. Therefore, I am able to open and close the container. I inserted a few dragonflies in the container.
When I insert many dragonflies in one container simultaneously those hustle about. As a result, a part of the wings of these dragonflies are torn. When I put in a big dragonfly and small dragonfly simultaneously a big dragonfly sometimes eats a small dragonfly.
In the case that there is space under the container we are able to clean easily.

 Container for imago breeding  Gomphus postocularis that is eating bait
The bait of the imago is the insect that is alive. A dragonfly eats the insect that touched the mouth.  When I breed a dragonfly the pupa of the fly is the bait of a dragonfly. We can buy the larvae of a fly in a fishing bait store. The larva of the fly that has sold as fishing bait becomes a pupa in about 5 days. A dragonfly eats when the pupa touched the mouth of the dragonfly.  We do not have to give water to a dragonfly when we breed it with this bait. 
Five days after I bought it in a fishing bait store  Pupae of the fly that I took out
I give bait to a dragonfly from the 3rd day after emergence. Three pieces to five pieces I give the pupa of a fly to the big dragonfly like Anax parthenope Julius, in a day. When it forces a pupa on the mouth a dragonfly begins to eat bait. It was Anax nigrofasciatus nigrofasciatus that it was alive longest, in the dragonfly that I bred.
The period was 85 days.  Period when other dragonflies lived;  Anax parthenope julius :65days, Polycanthagyna melanictera:42days,  Aeshna nigroflava: 61 days,

I was not able to breed it long until the color of the body of Anaciaeschna martini becomes clear. However, the compound eyes were blue in about 10 days.

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