The egg of Epiophlebiidae

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Epiophlebiidae is two species in the world.  Epiophlebia superstes inhabits Japan widely.

How to collect an egg : When Epiophlebia superstes lays eggs, scar of oviposition is left in the plant. It is collected in search of that scar of oviposition.

1.@ Epiophlebia superstes (Selys)   It lays eggs with Epiophlebia superstes in the moss and the stem of the plant that the variety that it grew on the river on both sides of the mountain stream of the basin.


Figure5-1: After laying, the 17th day

Size: Right after laying; head diameter;1.05mm, a short diameter 0.26mm. Just before hatching; head diameter 1.16mm, a short diameter; 0.35mm. Duration of egg :  The shortest duration; 17days. Average duration; 18days. Average temperature of the room temperature when it checked in June, 2000 was 27.1. Duration of egg is short because temperature is high when it is compared with the outside of the field.

Figure5-2: The left : after laying, the third day The right : after laying, the 11th day