Exuvia of Epiophlebiidae

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As for Epiophlebiidae 1 species of Epiophlebia superstes is inhabiting in Japan. 

Epiophlebia superstes (Selys) 

The size of the exuvia is 23-26 (25.3) mm. Head width: 6.1mm. Width of the abdomen: 6.7mm. The lateral spine is in 7-9 abdominal segments. The tip of the anal pyramid is not pointed. There is not a dorsal spine.  There is a dark part in side of abdomen. There is such a file that emits sound there. When we touch the larva of Epiophlebia superstes they make small sound. The sound depends on this file.

Figure EX6-1: Form  


Figure EX6-2 1:Labium  2:View from the under side of the abdomen

Figure EX6-31: A part othe labium  An arrow is showing a movable hook  2:Antenna The antenna is 5 segments. 3:View from the back of the abdomen As for Epiophlebia superstes the anal pyramid (paraproct, epiproct) is short. And those are not sharp.
Figure EX6-4:View from a side The number is showing the abdominal segment.A white arrow is showing the part of the file. The file is in 3-7 segments. The file of 3 segments is small.  The file of 7 segments is only in the face of a side.
Figure EX6- 1: Files of 4,5,6 segments   26:Forms of the files of 7 segments from 3 segments

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