Epiophlebia superstes 2

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Situation of the oviposition of Epiophlebia superstes

Attitude of oviposition
This female revolves left little by little while laying eggs.
Next she returns to the right little by little.

She also returns left. 

She continues oviposition while repeat this action and rising upward little by little.



Elatostema umbellatum that has the scars caused by the act of oviposition of Epiophlebia superstes


Situation of the scars caused by the act of oviposition   Several white arrows are showing the direction that Epiophlebia superstes continued oviposition.


Situation of oviposition Eggs of Epiophlebia superstes in a stalk


Situation of hatching   Several black arrows are showing the prolarvae of Epiophlebia superstes that appeared from a plant.