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Egg-parasitoids wasps are sometimes found from the egg of the dragonfly collected outside the field.
I found ten species and more of egg-parasitoids wasps from the eggs of the dragonflies.
Egg-parasitoids wasps are probably the research subject which it is pretty interested in including that ecology.
I don't know the name of egg-parasitoids wasps.

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Egg-parasitoids wasp of the dragonfly

Ischnura senegalensis Coenagrionidae
Cercion calamorum calamorum Coenagrionidae
Copera annulata Platycnemididae
Lestes sponsa ,Lestes japonicus  Lestidae
Lestes temporalis  Lestidae
Indolestes peregrinus  Lestidae
Mnais pruinosa Calopterygidae
Epiophlebia superstes Epiophlebiidae
Planaeschna milnei Aeshnidae
Aeshna nigroflava Aeshnidae
Anax parthenope julius Aeshnidae
Deielia phaon Libellulidae

Egg-parasitoids wasp except for the dragonfly

Water strider 1
Water strider 2
Water strider 3
Water strider 4
Citrus swallowtail


The species of the dragonflies that I confirmed egg-parasitoids wasps by now.
Ischnura senegalensisCercion calamorum calamorumCopera annulataLestes sponsaLestes temporalis Lestes japonicus Indolestes peregrinus , Mnais pruinosa Epiophlebia superstesPlanaeschna milnei Boyeria maclachlani ,  Aeshna nigroflavaAnax parthenope juliusDeielia phaonPseudothemis zonata

A future research subject

What species of egg-parasitoids wasp is parasitic on the egg of a dragonfly?
Relations between the species of the dragonfly and the species of the egg-parasitoids.
The life history of the egg-parasitoids.
The place where an egg-parasitoids becomes a pupa.